Online School System comes with an integrated instant alert system to communicate or broadcast messages to parents, teachers or students instantly over phone, SMS and email. Messages can be sent from anywhere with internet access.

* Crisis Management
* Targeted Marketing
* Payment Reminders
* School Closing Alerts
* Parent/Teacher Conference Reminders
* Fundraising Activities
* Special Event Reminders
The Einstein and Newton systems deliver phone alerts using VOIP and therefore do not require any extra hardware or phone lines. In case of emergency, administrators may login into the system even from outside the school and type in the message. The message will be converted from text to speech and the recipients will be called on their phones. Phone alerts are available only for schools in the United States.
Our systems can send text messages to mobile phones of most networks around the world.
Email alerts are free and can be sent to all students, parents, teachers and contacts having an email address on file. Messages can be personalized for each recipient. This feature is very useful for targeted marketing to potential students.