EINSTEIN - College Management System

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The Einstein system allows all administrators and staff to manage the university through ONE system without the hassle of transferring records from between systems.

Administrators can manage all activities and records from anywhere in a highly secured environment. Semester reports, invoices, and transcripts can be printed from any workstation with internet access, saving the university both time and money.

Online student enrollment reduces need for data entry staff and helps keep administrative costs low.

Web-based college management system

Save money in administrative costs and paperwork

Increase student enrollment

Increase productivity

Project image as a smart institution
Using the Einstein system, instructors can manage class activities, prepare, post and receive homework online and maintain communication with students on a regular basis.

Progress reports can be generated automatically to help teachers assist students and improve class performance.

Grade book

Online homework & lecture notes

Online tests and assessments

Attendance records

Course materials

Progress reports

Class announcements

Class discussion forum

Private messaging
The Einstein system allows students to follow their academic progress in class. Each student will be given a username and password to access their academic records from home.

Students can view their progress reports in real time and see what homework assignments are due.

Homework assignments

Search for books in library


Academic reports

Submit assignments online

Take online tests

Enroll in courses online

Pay for tuition online

Communicate with instructor