Gina Stayshich, Registrar at Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Our institution began using Orbund two years ago. This software is a great tool for managing our academic and enrollment records. Because the system is so easy to navigate, it has personally saved hours of my time (in the role of registrar) finalizing a day's work that were once lost to our former database. Hours!! I am still amazed at how quickly I can wrap up a process in Orbund that used to take much, much longer in our old software.

We found the Orbund team to be both professional and accommodating from the start, and our relationship with this team continues to thrive. Over the last two years, they have made adjustments to better suit the specific needs of our institution. With every little tweak in Orbund, I am only convinced more of its ease and effectiveness. I would highly recommend this system.

Terri Gomez, School Administrator at East West Healing Arts Institute

Orbund Software is so helpful and user friendly. As a small school we feel that for the price, which is very affordable, we get great service. The software is easy to manage and maintain student records as well as financial documents. We strongly recommend this program to any school, big or small.

Brian Kido, Director of Data and Information at Palmer Institute

Great Interface and features that were desperately needed for the Palmer Institute. For example, the Multi Language capabilities, Calendar, Access and User Permissions, Communication Modules, Fee and Tuition Set up as well as the Semester Set up, among many other features were instrumental in going with Orbund. What's more, all the variables regarding setting up Courses/Classes proved to be extremely useful because we have certain Departments that have required courses/classes in order to advance to the next Level etc... Lastly, Instructors love to use the Grading feature and their Live course/class outline as well as the abundant of interaction they can have with students through Orbund. Oh, I forgot - Orbund is completely Mac compatible!

Overall I would strongly recommend Orbund, without reservation, to Bible Colleges, Bible Institutes, as well as Universities and Colleges who are on a budget regarding their Web-Based SIS/CMS System. What a difference this software has made for the staff, instructors, and students @ the Palmer Institute! We can't live without this software now, especially because it is simply the best on the market.

Sadia Khan, Principal at Al Hamra Academy

We purchased school management software from Orbund this past year. We have been very impressed with their professionalism. They have been very conscientious about giving us the support we need in running our software.

The school management software has taken Al-Hamra Academy closer to becoming fully automated. The flexibility of the software has allowed our teachers to process report cards from their homes. Ms. Eman, one of our middle school teachers says "a lifesaver….now I do not have to wait for other teachers to give me their grades".

Chin B Y, Head of IT services at Perdana College

Perdana College has been using Orbund’s varsity system for a year now, and we have received very positive feedback from both our students and our staff who have found it to be very helpful. We have referred to it as the Perdana’s EASy system as it is user-friendly and is easily accessible anywhere and anytime with an Internet connection.

Both students and parents have instant access to a variety of up-todate information, including grades, progress reports, attendance record, homework/assignments, news, announcements, fee payment schedule, and so forth. Individual students and lecturer can send messages to each other outside of college hours.

Orbund has provided us with excellent service both before and after the deployment of our system. We find them to be quick in responding to our requests for help or changes to the system. I highly recommend Orbund and its services.