About Us

Orbund is an education management solution provider focused primarily on higher education. Headquartered in Overland Park Kansas, Orbund has been providing education management solutions for over 14 years. At the core of Orbund’s solutions are the following principles:


Orbund’s solutions are built on the concept of making things simple. From the user interface through the navigation and actual process of performing a function, extra care has been taken to make sure the user experience is simple and easy to perform.


Although the process is fundamentally the same, lead through enrollment to attending to graduating, what makes your institution unique is your business processes.

Most solutions force you to follow a specific process hence losing your unique advantage. Orbund’s solutions are purposely built to be flexible to accommodate your specific needs.


Orbund’s solutions are built to be powerful. Our solutions are simple to use; and yet can handle complex business processes for your institution.