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Doug J.

"Our school went live with Orbund in January 2019 after extensive training. We had a prior SIS but were unhappy with their responsiveness to our questions over too many years. Indeed, we have continued to learn more about Orbund as well as their learning some of the unique aspects of our school – it continues to be very interactive. Their team is very open, available, and helpful.

The real message here is that I forever will remain grateful to Orbund for having the capabilities to help us pivot within 9 days to transition to remote learning this past March during NYS’ Shelter-at-Home Order in response to COVID-19. Although not an LMS, there exist enough features to help us continue forward. I am not certain our school would still be open today were it not for our decision to move over to Orbund two years ago.

On behalf of our entire school community, I would like to offer thanks to the Orbund team for the system they have created as well as the incredible professionalism their staff has exhibited during these most challenging times.”


I’m writing to say thank you for such a well-run conference.

The activities over the two days were extremely informative and helpful for understanding how to get the most out of Orbund Einstein, as well as what we can be expecting going forward. The number of attendees was a great experience as I got the opportunity to talk with other customers about their use cases and experiences. Finally, I was impressed by the hospitality and feel that the planning your team put into it made a great impression in stating what your company is about and reinforcing your commitment to your customers.

This is definitely an event worth repeating. Though I would likely not attend next year, I would certainly encourage our school to send at least one administrative user and IT department representative, so that everyone can get a sense of the opportunities Orbund provides for helping us work better.


Our institution began using Orbund two years ago. This software is a great tool for managing our academic and enrollment records. Because the system is so easy to navigate, it has personally saved hours of my time (in the role of registrar) finalizing a day's work that were once lost to our former database. Hours!! I am still amazed at how quickly I can wrap up a process in Orbund that used to take much, much longer in our old software.

We found the Orbund team to be both professional and accommodating from the start, and our relationship with this team continues to thrive. Over the last two years, they have made adjustments to better suit the specific needs of our institution. With every little tweak in Orbund, I am only convinced more of its ease and effectiveness. I would highly recommend this system.


Orbund Software is so helpful and user friendly. As a small school we feel that for the price, which is very affordable, we get great service. The software is easy to manage and maintain student records as well as financial documents. We strongly recommend this program to any school, big or small.


The Orbund management system has become an essential member of the team at the Office of Registrar at our college.

We especially love the fact that it is customizable to our needs which are unique and evolving as we are a relatively very young educational institution. It appears to us that the only limits Orbund has is that of our imaginations. As our needs are identified the product is modified. This makes managing our student information system much easier. We have been discovering that the system can do more than we actually use - for example we recently used it for our admissions process, helping in making our office green. We have gotten rid of much of the paper work associated with admissions.

Orbund also keeps college community connected as it is used to communicate to all - students and staff alike about various matters. It allows for multi-dimensional communication as users on the system can communicate with each other.

We believe that one of the strengths of the system is the excellent customer support! It is amazing their availability - by whatever medium most convenient for us at the time - they make us feel so important it is almost as if we are the only client (which we know is not the case). Our customer service rep has become as a member of staff. Her name is a well know and we speak of her as if her desk was within our physical space.

We look forward to a continued relationship with Orbund management system. Our experience continue to improve with the minimal down time for system upgrade becoming less and less.


I would personally have to say, I do not have any cons for Orbund. It is a truly reliable software that keeps on improving with customer suggestions, as well as great software engineers. I would rate the customer service with an A+++ and I would also add that it is extremely user friendly, almost intuitive! And it all comes an affordable price for the school, college or university that it serves.


Orbund was a ground-breaking implementation for our small school. Since we first started working with Orbund 7 years ago, they have increased their commitment to customer service and have been very responsive to our service requests. Having access to the online chat has been invaluable.


We are a unique case, being a homeschool co-op rather than a school. We only meet one day a week and our teachers are independent contractors. We searched for several months to find a school management system to handle our 300+ students and 60+ teachers and staff as well as our parent volunteers.

The team at Orbund worked tirelessly to tweak their system so that it would function according to our unique needs. They copied our data from our old system over for us and helped us with setup and training. We are very happy with our transition to Orbund. It's a clean looking site, easy to understand, and easy to utilize. It makes the registration and enrollment process smooth and effortless. I recommend it.


As the director of a small college prep boarding school, New River Academy, I researched transcript programming easy for staff to learn, functional and within our tight budget. We actually thought we would buy transcript software until we discovered Orbund.

Orbund provided our primary need with transcript generation as well as became our solution for student records, invoicing and grading systems. Tech support was always available and easy. Learning the program was straight forward and functional. And most importantly Orbund gave New River Academy another level of professionalism at an economical rate. If you are an administrator then I highly suggest considering Orbund.


There is every reason to consider a new and better way with Orbund. Fully featured, running on the cloud, and affordable, join hundreds of student-centric institutions like yours.

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